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Welcome to Vape Escape. Located in Nanaimo, BC, we are a web based business that is a proud supporter in the vaping community. As ex-smokers gone vapers, we feel it is our goal to spread the word and support the idea of the Electronic cigarettes or E smoke in Canada. As one of Canada's top suppliers in vaporizer products we focus strongly on our highly valued customers. We offer flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada on all of our vaping supplies. We have a unique selection of Premium E smokes / cigarettes, quality e-juice, and a wide selection of mods and accessories (tanks, cartomizers, clearomizers, coils, wick / wire, batteries, and chargers) . If you are from the US and interested in purchasing, please contact us directly for a quote. Join the community, meet great people and support everyone involved. The adventures begin with your first vape.